after 1 year..still holding on….

January 20, 2010

as i sit here on the t i think…after 1 year am i happy…NOPE..not at all! now i am not inside the rooms and we really don’t know what goes on. i am sure its hard to deal with some of these other republicans that are still pouting that they lost and want to block every single thing that comes up..but all of the things that were fed to all of these people who volunteered and took weeks and months away from their families have not been done. maybe their is some master plan and i know its going to take more than a year to right 8 years of wrong but give me a sign here my man. give me something to show me that all you said during your campaign wasn’t just some jive to get the super liberals fired up and behind you. i have faith but believe me i am starting to question if it is already too late??

with that being said even if i would have known a little over a year ago what i know today i still would not have voted for mccain and pailin. hell chance..that wasn’t the answer..maybe my choice wasn’t either but those 2 would of made it 4 more years of GW tactics.

so with that being said i beg of you mr. obama. show us some of that fire and promise that you showed us over a year ago. if not it will be hard for me(and I am sure others) to volunteer a week away from my kids again next time and try to sway all of these narrow minded gun toting fools to your side.



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