So as people get ready to celebrate Weezy’s release(like he is going to change the world and end world hunger) and I think about the Wiz Khalifa videos I watched last night some thoughts came to my head.  The main one being Damn these guys have a good bit of ink!!!!!

This leads me back to when I was in computer school and a
African American teacher asked me…..”why do you want get  all of those tattoos like those white boys?”. I chuckled it off like I did so many other comments from people who didn’t like my tattoos,music,chain wallet,vans,or tight fitting clothes.

Now as I look around the city when I am walking to work and on TV all I see is youngins “tatted”up as some folks say and wearing tight clothes,chain wallets and vans slip ons. Well PISH POSH…..”You ain’t been!!!!”

I am not saying I am the first or that I did it for recognition….it was who I was and who I am but I took the heat for some of you young clowns that now think you are the next weezy lupe khalifa.

Wipe that similac from your top lip and before you look at me with my work clothes on and my worst(still new) pair of everyday sneakers know that I have more kicks than you have boxers. Bettaknowdat!!!!!

PS: A fitted with a straight bill DOES not make you an automatic tough guy just the same as a bootleg tapout shirt from the boardwalk does not.