i can remember when i was a young cat..the nba all star game was always something i waited for because of a few reasons..1 the dunk contest, 2 michael jordan always broke out the black version of the latest air jordans, and 3 the all star game on sunday…well now things are broken..there are no mj or mars blackmon commercials, the new style dunk contest and its participants are horrible and still having fans vote just makes no sense!!

we all know the old dunk format that goes back as far as dr.j and kenny  “sky” walker was the best…and what the hell is the reason you cannot get one of your better all stars to compete?? an lbj vs kobe final would be amazing for the league and the fans my man.

all star voting…tracy mcgrady who I think has played no more than a 1/2 an hour all season was almost a starter for the west…does that make any sense?? ai is a starter for the east and he has only played 20 games this season after “retiring” craziness.my man chauncy billups didn’t make the team and one of the best and most consistant rookies(ty lyson) didnt make the rookie game….to me an all star game is more about skill and who is doing well during the first part of the season..not a popularity contest..if they want that let them run for student council…

let’s get thing straight before you use a lot more fans. sweetin’ the slam dunk pot and less fan input on who should start and play in the all star game


**maybe this will help your memory of how it used to be:


i am back again….

January 16, 2010

and i promise to keep this going in 2010..things have calmed down a little for me and i downloaded the wordpress blackberry app.  so when i am riding miserable on the t i will be able to blog.

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and i wish everyone a great 2010.

pretty funny….

July 18, 2009

check it out….

checking in..

July 13, 2009

i know it has been a while…i am not dead….i have been in the middle of moving along with a bunch of other crazy stuff…as soon as things settle i will be back to blogging with the best of em. i hope everyone is enjoying their summer….

blog soon


and lets shine up our shoes for a dance with LORD STANLEY.



hossa motivational poster

get out your brooms!!

May 26, 2009

get out your brooms(PING)(imagine me saying it in a voice kind of like the guys who walk around on holy grail saying bring out yer dead)

mr. cowher ,

we are over you!! you can ring that siren all you want tonight…the warning is for everyone to get their brooms out and the hurricanes to start calling for tee times.


A quote I read today…” Canes would be nuts to let Cowher sound the horn tonight, given his record in Conference Championships for the home team” CLASSIC!!

there is a new sheriff in town now mr new teeth…and he goes by the name on MIKE TOMLIN!

tomlins pens jersey




game 2 tomorrow…this should be a game with a lot of energy..i loved how the pens came out and it seemed like they just kept building steam…hitting hard..and getting to every puck..lets get it going for game 2 boys..i wanna see us up to going back to carolina. i am calling big game from talbot and fedotenko.

here is a pick of my boys wearing their new shirts for the game on monday while watching it at pappy bens…they like to stand for the whole game and wave their white towels…eben also goes and plays hockey during the intermissions…


so a few months ago a bunch of tattooed knuckle heads got together to do a series of zippo ads(see all of our parents asked us what we would do when we got older and had all these tattoos). it was really fun and a cool experience to be a part of something like that(thanks nick and lynn). so the first of what i think is a series of 4 ads is out in the new rolling stone with green day on the front. i am not in this series but the word through my modeling agent(joking) is that i may be in the 2nd and 4th ad. so if you get a chance go grab a copy and check out nick,horrell, tim, jake, dru, fitch, and lynn. keep a lookout for the next issue to see if i am in there..i will be signing autographs at the local sunoco…5 gallons of gas gets you an autograph..10 and a pack of newports gets you an autograph and pic with you boy…hehehehe..
so my nuggets lost last night…you would like to win game 1 but i always see game 1 and a feeler game..bitch as kobe is not going to score 40 and hold that team on his back the while series…i have been saying nuggets/cavs final and i am going to stick with that. cavs play tonight and i am calling an 11 point win.

anyone going to the show at station square next monday? i am pretty sure the macs are going to head down in the early afternoon to catch most of the bands we like. holla at me if you are going…should be a good time.

DMB is 1 month away…don’t hate..dmb is a blast inside and out and i hope to see some people there.


be easy