good day all….i hope everyone is having or will have a good day.  me I already feel like i want to hurt someone…i don’t have a violent bone in my body…never have..but this morning with all the shit running through my head i think I could hurt a fool.  if we don’t hear from this cat that has our cash by 12 my meter will be up to a 10..i was on a 6 when i got one the t and just went up to a 7 because other people are allowed to bring their kids to work today and i cant…for some reason the state has a policy that your kid has to be 12 to come to work…i guess we will just put that on the list of things we have no idea why the state does it..

oh…the meter just went up to 8…some asshole on the t line has decided to put a yard sign that says “save our kids, end abortion” christ…i am sure this person also believes the bible says the world will end because obama is now the president. IDIOTS. I will not say i am a fashion guru.i’d like to think i have some solid fashion sense..but i do wonder what the hell these people think when they get up in the morning?? some of the outfits and shoes i see on the t really make me wonder…and its getting of my pet peeves is toe/foot prep. listen…if you are going to put on a pair of shoes that require prep…give yourself a little extra time in the morning..this getting on the t with dry ass feet that looks like you were kicking around flour all morning or toes that look like your dog was using them as his early morning chew toy just isn’t doin it.  so before the weather gets nice for the weekend..remember..the key words are “toe/foot prep”

pens get it going again tonight…i have a good feeling about this one…lets hope they do like a nervous senoir on prom night would do and WRAP this series up at home..get a little rest and get ready for round 2. i will be the first to admit a month or so ago i was losing hope on a playoff run..but the boys pulled together and we are looking pretty good right about now. LETS GO PENS!!

that’s my rant for this morning..enjoy the day…hey one good thing..the guy that wears scent o’ shit for cologne is not on the early t today.i will enjoy my PMT and try to relax for the morning…at least until noon….hehehe

be easy


so this is my first blog writing from the t…heading into the city of people that don’t work, have tons of kids, bad parenting skills, and fake sneakers. i don’t even know where to begin this one.  there are so many things good and bad running through my head right now.. yesterday was just a fucked up day…we “think” that the person we hired to remodel our bathroom has pretty much ripped us off half of our loot or plans on coming in and starting the project and then saying he needs more than what he quoted to finish. he was supposed to start last week..called and gave us an excuse about the weather delaying his roofing project and he would be here monday….so monday rolls around and he doesn’t come. keely tries to call him and we finally hear from him and he says his mom or grandma is in the hospital and that he was there all night. i of all people who seems to have a family member in the hospital at all times can understand that so I don’t think anything of it. well monday night rolls around and we get another call stating he is going back to the hospital(this is around 9:30 p.m. monday)and he would either be at our house around 9 tuesday or he would call….we heard not a gat-damn thing from him and after calling and getting his voicemail several times we started to panic. so between this going down and another trust-worthy(no relation to james)person coming in to look at what we have going on and telling us there is NO possible way the guy we hired can do that job correctly with the low bid he gave us we are now at the “oh shit what do we do point” in the project. we call the guy we hired and told him to return our deposit by noon thursday…if not we are going to have to go the legal route which is going to suck..maybe I should go the “hood” route and round up a few friends that I always keep in good graces that well…lets just say they stay on the grind if you know what I mean. nah….i will do that right think like spike lee but I will tell you this…betcha I get my loot back timmy boy. added onto this drama in our bv house is us wondering if we should move back to pgh.  we have been going back and forth with this thought for some years now.. i personally would like to live a few minutes outside of the city with us being able to get there in like 5 or 10 minutes..i also will be the first to admit i have not taken time to really look at some city neighborhoods to see what they are all about..i would love to move to the regent square/frick park area..but i dont know if that is in out price range budget right now.let the process to do any of this we have to sale our house first which in this housing market has been tough in the past. oh decisions decisions… so that was my day yesterday…all this shit going down..all I want is my shower back and my bamboo floors down…is that too much to ask for??? at least the pens and the cavs won..i wish I had pens tix for tomorrow because that arena is going to be rockin fo sho. its hump day…this weather is mind boggling…i mean really…40 something today and 80’s for the weekend. Friday and saturday should be GSW just like last saturday. What the heck is GSW you ask?? Good shoe weather fools!! I have probably 14 pairs that have never seen the pavement and another 40+ that I will only wear in perfect GSW. So I am looking forward to the weekend for many reasons..hanging out..eben has a soccer tourney on saturday and he is playing 3 games..punchline is playing saturday night and we may try to take the kiddos to that. in other news…2 music related things that i am kind of excited about…robert randolph and the wailers are both playing the arts festival this year and did everyone see the benefit show that the boys at drusky entertainment are doing?read some details below taken from the post gazette..i am pretty sure we are going to go to this and it is for a great cause: It will be the first concert at the newly re-opened Amphitheatre at Station Square and feature an all-star local lineup: Rusted Root, B.E. Taylor, Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, Bill Deasy, Chris Higbee Project, Punchline, Wiz Khalifa, Mercury, Good Brother Earl, Granati Brothers, Buzz Poets (acoustic), Abby Abondanza, TEN (Pearl Jam Tribute Band), The Boogie Hustlers, Gene The Werewolf, Crashing Metropolis, 28 North, Gramsci Melodic, The Spacepimps, LoveBettie, The Delaneys and more. The concert will begin at 1:30 p.m. Proceeds from the minimum donation of $10 per person will go to the Fallen Hero Fund, Pittsburgh’s Heroes Fund, The Faternal Order of Police Lodge 1 and Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union.

well there is my t- rant and other random thoughts that i think about while riding with these random strangers for 45 minutes..i am also wondering why on monday and today the same guy sat in front of my and I keep smelling shit…either he is passing gas..eats shit for breakfast..has a jacket made of shit or rolls around in it before he comes to work…whatever it is it STANKS. if metallica one comes on i may choke him out…haahahaha.. have a good day peeps!

be easy…. kasey