kasey vance mcintyre age:33~married(keely blasko mcintyre)~3 wonderful boys:eben, arlo, and otis~1 cat punjab

interests:family~hanging with friends~music~sneakers~tattoos~vegan/veggie food~good restaurants~starbucks~mountain biking~hockey~dek hockey~soccer~basketball~football~watching sports~politics

so here it is….the new home for my bliggity blog. this is where i will write all of my rants and anything else i feel like writing about. some of the things i say may offend people but guess what???…i am not holding a gun to your head and telling you to read this. so read it if you want..comment something if you have the time…enjoy, laugh, and don’t take life so serious.

**the writings on this blog in no way reflect anyone else in the mcintyre family and are solely the thoughts of KASEY

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