i can remember when i was a young cat..the nba all star game was always something i waited for because of a few reasons..1 the dunk contest, 2 michael jordan always broke out the black version of the latest air jordans, and 3 the all star game on sunday…well now things are broken..there are no mj or mars blackmon commercials, the new style dunk contest and its participants are horrible and still having fans vote just makes no sense!!

we all know the old dunk format that goes back as far as dr.j and kenny¬† “sky” walker was the best…and what the hell is the reason you cannot get one of your better all stars to compete?? an lbj vs kobe final would be amazing for the league and the fans my man.

all star voting…tracy mcgrady who I think has played no more than a 1/2 an hour all season was almost a starter for the west…does that make any sense?? ai is a starter for the east and he has only played 20 games this season after “retiring” craziness.my man chauncy billups didn’t make the team and one of the best and most consistant rookies(ty lyson) didnt make the rookie game….to me an all star game is more about skill and who is doing well during the first part of the season..not a popularity contest..if they want that let them run for student council…

let’s get thing straight before you use a lot more fans. sweetin’ the slam dunk pot and less fan input on who should start and play in the all star game


**maybe this will help your memory of how it used to be: