pittsburgh’s got sole

January 20, 2010

lets get packing people..check this site out that i read about today. http://www.pittsburghsgotsole.com.  they are in the process of trying to collect a million shoes to send to haiti. i just packed up some jordans,vans,dvs skate shoes, and even some ice creams. now you know i love my kicks…so if i can part with some and now you guys can to. check out the website and go to your closet and see what you have. i am making a run to do a drop off in mcmurray on saturday.  if anyone is interested in sending anything in i would be glad to do the drop off…so give me a shout.

http://www.pittsburghsgotsole.com(they are on fb also)


sneakerheads for haiti

January 16, 2010

so as most of you know i am into my sneakers….thats my pleasaaah! i have all of these blogs and twitter buddies that always talk shoes and give you release dates and things like that. well us sneakerheads have a soft side too.  nicekicks.com is putting together sneakerheads for haiti where you can send new or gently worn shoes to the address provided below and they will send them over to haiti. check it out..google it…do what you can. thx!

Text “SHOES” to 20222 to donate $5 to Soles4Souls.

2) Send any new or gently worn shoes to:

Sneakerheads for Haiti
Soles4Souls, Inc.
315 Airport Road
Roanoke, AL 36274

i want to give a special engagement shout out to nick and lynn.  i just learned this morning that while they were in peru nick proposed to lynn. i guess that is safer than trying to bring back drugs to the states(did anyone else see that movie where the 2 girls got busted for trying to bring back coke?) anyway…congrats to the both of you and I wish you guys nothing but the best.


game 2 tomorrow…this should be a game with a lot of energy..i loved how the pens came out and it seemed like they just kept building steam…hitting hard..and getting to every puck..lets get it going for game 2 boys..i wanna see us up to going back to carolina. i am calling big game from talbot and fedotenko.

here is a pick of my boys wearing their new shirts for the game on monday while watching it at pappy bens…they like to stand for the whole game and wave their white towels…eben also goes and plays hockey during the intermissions…


so a few months ago a bunch of tattooed knuckle heads got together to do a series of zippo ads(see all of our parents asked us what we would do when we got older and had all these tattoos). it was really fun and a cool experience to be a part of something like that(thanks nick and lynn). so the first of what i think is a series of 4 ads is out in the new rolling stone with green day on the front. i am not in this series but the word through my modeling agent(joking) is that i may be in the 2nd and 4th ad. so if you get a chance go grab a copy and check out nick,horrell, tim, jake, dru, fitch, and lynn. keep a lookout for the next issue to see if i am in there..i will be signing autographs at the local sunoco…5 gallons of gas gets you an autograph..10 and a pack of newports gets you an autograph and pic with you boy…hehehehe..
so my nuggets lost last night…you would like to win game 1 but i always see game 1 and a feeler game..bitch as kobe is not going to score 40 and hold that team on his back the while series…i have been saying nuggets/cavs final and i am going to stick with that. cavs play tonight and i am calling an 11 point win.

anyone going to the show at station square next monday? i am pretty sure the macs are going to head down in the early afternoon to catch most of the bands we like. holla at me if you are going…should be a good time.

DMB is 1 month away…don’t hate..dmb is a blast inside and out and i hope to see some people there.


be easy


tee time anyone?

May 14, 2009

there is really not too much i need to say here….quick shout out to AO and all my DC/MD/VA friends…all the hot dogging and showboating got you an early tee time #8…ENJOY





happy 100!!

April 29, 2009

of course i am a little bias…but i think my man barack has been doing a pretty good job in his first 100 days. happy 100 barack! keep on keepin on…


today was eben’s first u-6 tourney…with that came 3 games in this wonderful weather. eben really came out of his shell in these 3 games scoring 5 goals in the first game and the 2 in each of the next 2 games.. i must say i am a proud soccer dad..to see some of the moves and things he did today along with how much fun he was having  was great.

just a great as seeing eben and the rest of the spirit team have a great time was my first experience with a thing called a “walking taco”. i personally have never heard of such a thing and when i heard someone order one i thought it was some type of ice cream like a choco taco. OH NO my friends..this was..A WALKING TACO…seasoned taco meat..lettuce..cheese and salsa on top of a bag of fritos…i of course got mine w/o the taco meat and it was still amazing..i didn’t realize that this was a worldwide thing..i thought it was a monessen soccer thing…so i googled it and found a picture..they even have recipes..this shit is for real!!!…HAHAHA..the walking taco…try it..you’ll love it.


woooohooo! pens won..pens won..pens won..i am happy about that…i don’t care of we were going to be home for game 7..i don’t like game 7’s..one bad bounce..one injury..one bad call and you are up on the hill district looking at the build the new arena..so i am glad the pens finished it off and sent thing cryers fans home…take the filthy steak and cheese and shove it!

well i am off to visit dane and tell him happy 30th bday(if i decide to actually leave the house)..i wish i could give him a walking taco for his birthday..maybe this “beer cake” will do.